We create moments, days, and even the life of every family member to make it a little happier. We help families feel the joy of spending time together, promote new interests across generations, and organize the most important family celebrations - birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, or even ordinary days become a little happier with us.
More than just café
What drives us?
Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, close friends - they are all the main guests and the most important values in Smart Kids Café. Our favorite guests are, of course, talented, playful, smart KIDS. And we are convinced that the only way to make a child good is to make them happy.
Relax. We love children here. Your child is engaged in play, it's interesting and fun, and it's absolutely safe. We carefully selected all materials for the construction of the café, and all constructions were checked and approved for fire safety. We don't have cheap plastic toys because each one was chosen with love and care. Choose any dessert, order a glass of sparkling wine, and watch how happy your little one is.
We believe that even in the modern world, there is a place for magic. You can find it in Smart Kids - Family Play Café. While your child spends time in the fairy-tale play area or is fascinated by the magical show, allow time to stand still: inhale the scent of freshly brewed coffee, look around, look out the window - magic is here. In every moment.
Children may grow up, but happiness remains. We dream that together with us, our guests who once came to us with their younger siblings will grow up, and in the future, they will come with their own children. We create a place where you want to come back.
Family and happy childhood:
Safety and care:
Happiness as a tradition:
Our story
Hi, I'm Nicoletta and more than anything else in our family, I believe in magic. One day, I asked my parents for a little brother or sister, and you won't believe it, I got a brother named Nikita. As he grew older, we dreamed together and asked our parents to build a place where we could play with our friends, eat cakes, and have parties every day. Mom and Dad are really creative; they've already built the Smart Room - Live Escape Game, where they lock people in rooms to play. So, they easily agreed to fulfill our dream. It took a loooong time, and a few times, Nikita and I argued because I really wanted a doll room, and he only wanted cars and excavators.
But our parents solved the problem, and now we have many areas where every child can find something suitable. Sometimes I think that my brother and I have the best ideas, but our parents always listen and make everything possible. Hey, come by and discover the super cool world that Mom and Dad made for us! There's a lot of fun and magic here. Let's experience wonders together and have a lot of fun! You are invited to join our adventures and make this place even more magical! See you soon!